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Why life exists in the universe. A new theory.
Conscious energy - life's silent partner

Conscious Energy - Why Life Exists

A New Theory

OK – This is obviously just a theory. And I am no scientist.

It is narrated, in the main, as fact simply because it reads better.


This theory originated from one initial thought. “What if Life, especially intelligent life, is the Ultimate Goal and not just the consequence of a series of inter-related, improbable events”.

I have then taken the core basis of the theory and examined the possible consequences of it on ourselves, Homo Sapiens, the most intelligent and advanced life form of which we are currently aware.  The outcome of this examination is rather surprising. Not only in the way it explains many of our current beliefs, both theoretical and scientific, but how it offers an alternative rationalization to some of the fundamental spiritual beliefs.

The Theory .

A form of pure energy exists in the known Universe, and beyond, that is capable of conscious thought in much the same way as our human brain. And - although it is spread across the whole Universe it is able to transfer data almost instantly across these, incomprehensible, distances.

However this Conscious Energy (CE) has no ability to detect or project any form of Sensual or Emotional stimuli (see appendix). Hence it has no way of capturing any data or experiencing anything for itself.

It possesses no senses and unable to communicate outside itself. Neither can it generate any other form of energy such as light, sound, electromagnetic etc. that could be perceived by a physical life form. It is also incapable of creating more of itself.

Imagine a super intelligent computer that has no screen, keyboard, mouse, camera, internet link etc. Or a new born human with a perfectly working conscious brain but no ability to detect or project any form of Sensual or Emotional stimuli.  Without the opportunity to experience or capture data it has nothing to process and will remain dormant.

So – There exists a brain the size of the Universe, call it the Conscious Energy Host (CEH),  that cannot experience anything or communicate with anything but itself!

Until……. Life is Created!!!

This will be explained in a minute. But basically my belief is that the current opinion on why Life exists is wrong.

It has always been assumed that Life is just the consequence of a series of inter-related, improbable events that happen when a Universe is created and develops. But this may not be the case.

Life is the Ultimate Goal, not the Consequence, of a Universe creation.

Why is Life so Important? .

The Conscious Energy Host (CEH), as I have called it, can absorb the Conscious Energy (CE) created elsewhere. Any data within this secondary CE will be transferred to the host. And Life, in all its forms, can create CE.

Life is the vehicle that the Conscious Energy Host uses to experience the world outside, generate more Conscious Energy and expand.

The Holy Grail of life-form for Conscious Energy generation is one with a brain capable of conscious thought. A brain that can analyse and understand the world around it. Experiences and data absorbed from this type of life form is gold dust.

CE – the Catalyst for the Creation of Life .

How everything works in our known Universe seems to be governed by a few fundamental laws. So why not a “Law of Life”. Something like “If the right conditions and mixture of ingredients come together then cells of life will form almost instantaneously". Just like any other chemical reaction but with CE providing the elusive energy to start things off rather than metabolism, maybe. And then, if the conditions to sustain Life exist for long enough, Complex Life will be created through evolution.

When a Universe comes into being (the Big Bang Theory being favourite at the moment) every atom contains a very small amount of Conscious Energy. Maybe it has some influence over the atom, whispering in its ear “Make Life – Make Life”, or maybe not, who knows. 

It may however be able to exert some influence over very small matter. Causing atoms and elements to clump together before the forces of Gravity and electromagnetism take over.

And be a catalyst in the transformation of pre-biotic chemistry to partitioned units resembling modern cells. The creation of cells being the most important step in the evolution of life.

It is survival of the gene / DNA that is important. And this is also a level that CE has influence over. The goal is to keep the subsequent forming genes “alive”. They will go on to create complex life. CE has no influence over the type of life created. This has to be left to chance. But by “installing” a strong sense of self-preservation into the genes themselves the chances of robust complex life forms being generated is greatly enhanced.

How does Life generate CE? .

Every atom contains some Conscious Energy: Atoms form cells that form life which all contain some conscious energy.

Once a life form evolves into something more complex that can perceive the world around it the CE in that body does something pretty amazing. It starts recording everything that happens to it and storing those experiences in more conscious energy that the body produces. The more the life-form experiences the more conscious energy is produced.

Imagine a special camcorder is started as you are born that is never turned off again until the moment your CE leaves your physical body. And this camcorder is not just recording images and sound. It records emotions, thoughts, smells, touch, pain etc. in minute detail. The whole life from start to finish recorded and stored in a memory (conscious energy) that the body has generated itself.

Humans will produce far more experiences that a snail or an amoeba and hence produce more CE.

A small amount of Conscious Energy also passes from the parents to the embryo and hence a snippet from the parents life experience also transfers to the embryo.

Reason for Sleep:  Converting all the information the life form captures into CE requires the life-form to first create some CE, by converting some of its own energy, and then transfer the information.  A bit like backing-up a computer to a hard-drive except the computer makes its own memory as it needs it.  This mainly happens when the life-form sleeps, especially highly intelligent life-forms that capture a great deal of data.

If the life-form does not make this transfer on a regular basis its physical mind becomes overloaded and eventually collapses.

This could mean that any experiences not transferred to CE during sleep will not be captured.

How does the CE get absorbed back into the CEH? .

A physical living thing will die if its CE leaves the body but equally CE cannot remain in a dead body and has to leave.

Consequences of this:

Normal Situation: The life form dies and at the moment it dies its CE transfers from the body to the CE Host. In the last moments of life, as the link between the physical mind and its CE splits, the life form could possibly “see its whole life pass before its eyes”.

Near-death experience: In a near death experience it is possible that the CE begins to leave the body and starts to be absorbed into the host. For a short period of time there is a link between the physical mind and the CE Host and the mind can see into the host. Should the physical body then be brought back to life its CE is pulled back but the physical mind can retain an image of what it experienced in the CE Host.  Read any near-death experience story and some of the main recurring themes are

  • Seeing their whole life flash past them
  • Seeing a bright light and beloved family members
  • Images of strange plants & animals
  • Violence and persecution

Very interesting description, worth a read, of a real experience inside the Conscious Energy Host from Dr Eben Alexander, a sceptical scientist, who had a Near Death Experience. But disappointing conclusions for a scientist.

Failed Transfer:  If for some reason the transfer of CE does not take place then the life form’s CE can be cast adrift. It cannot stay in the body but, for some reason, has failed to be absorbed into the Host. 

What happens then is speculation:

  • The persons CE could drift, homeless, between the physical world and the CE Host. A ghost like situation.
  • It could be adrift forever or, more likely, it is, eventually, absorbed into the Host but not in a controlled way.
  • Or it may be able to inhabit another living body in some way.

Losing the Will to Live:  Sometimes a physical mind can make the decision to allow its CE to leave its body and be absorbed in to the Host resulting in death of the physical body. “Losing the Will to Live” is probably the term we use for this.

Once the CE is Absorbed - The Afterlife .

What happens once your CE is absorbed into the host is entirely up to you. But you cannot choose which parts of your physical life are absorbed. Every second of your life on Earth is recorded, the good and the bad.

The moment your CE enters the host you have access to every other individual CE. You can not only communicate with them but become them!  And just by thought alone. I would probably seek out my friends or relatives first. But then what?

You could relive your whole life all over again, if you really wanted to, or relive all the good bits. Not recalling memories in a conscious waking way, all vague and confused, but would relive every single second from the moment you were born to the moment you died. Just like the most realistic dream you have ever had. You can see everything clearly, feel the emotion, smell the moment.

You could, if you are that way inclined, decide to become some sort of CE cyberbully and persecute all those people who annoyed you in your physical life. However, their CE may decide to block you. Again – the analogy to a social media platform like Facebook is very relevant.

You could experience a day as a dolphin, an owl a dinosaur or communicate with intelligent life forms from other Planets, Galaxies, Universes

Imagine it like the World Wide Web.  You Google “none earth intelligent life” and see what comes up. You could click “communicate” which is easy as there are no language barriers, every language is instantly translated to the another as you speak, although you will not speak per say, as everything is pure thought.  And you don’t type in you just think it.

Or you could choose to be that alien.  Imagine a virtual reality program that allows you to call up any person at any moment in time and become them. Their CE is accessible to you. You see what they saw, you feel what they felt, you think what they thought.

You will know when the last life in our Universe is extinguished.  You will know when life on earth is extinguished. You will know how us Humans turn out.

You will not know how our Universe, or any other Universe, started because at that time there was no life and only through life can knowledge be gained.

Or you could decide to just switch off and do nothing for a few billion years or forever if you wanted. Your CE would still be accessible to others but you would not be aware

But basically - What you make of the “afterlife” is entirely up to you.

Could we access the CE host before death? .

For living forms to be able to access the CE Host would be amazing. To have access to unbelievable knowledge, be able to travel back in time to the dawn of life in the Universe and maybe beyond, Not only would we know for sure if there have been other intelligent life forms in the Universe but be able to see their worlds through their eyes.

The fact is we have never tried so maybe we can.  Clairvoyants claim to be able to access the thoughts of the dead. Maybe they are accessing their CE. Maybe we need to pay more heed to how they achieve this. Or maybe it is just trickery!

Measurement of “Life Force” leaving the body: (see appendix) There is a growing belief that the living body does appear to have some kind of life-force that leaves the body when it dies. Several people claim to have measured this life-force and seen it leaving. However, very little serious money or effort has been put behind this. Maybe it is time to make more effort. The rewards could be “Out of This World!”

Could we access our own CE whilst alive? .

The answer, in my opinion, is very definitely – Yes.

A couple of examples that tend to suggest this happens:

People with Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory (HSAM):  The first person to be diagnosed with this was in 2000. To date, around 70 people have now been diagnosed and subjected to rigorous scientific tests. Individuals with HSAM can recall almost every day of their lives in near perfect detail, as well as public events that hold some personal significance to them. Those affected describe their memories as uncontrollable associations; when they encounter a date, they "see" a vivid depiction of that day in their heads. Recollection occurs without hesitation or conscious effort.

"It appears as if there is a recording device in the brain where everything has been amazingly stored. However, their memory is only limited to their own life-events which is why it is called Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory (HSAM)"

This Conscious Energy theory can explain every result of the scientific tests conducted to date! In my opinion, the memories that people with HSAM are accessing are different to the memories stored in the physical brain but present in every human. People with HSAM are not great at remembering they just have a unique ability to access a memory store that most of us can't access.

People with chronic age related dementia: As the physical mind fails to operate effectively in real time it seems to access the persons CE more and more. But in a much more random way. Which may explain why a chronic dementia sufferer who cannot recognise their own family or surroundings on a daily basis appear to be able to recall verbatim a conversation they had way back in their past or the exact details of a room or experience

CE and Spiritual Beliefs .

The CE of a life-form could very easily be described as its Soul.

Many religions relate to the “All Seeing God” but the CE reality is far more daunting. Your whole life is exposed not to just one “All Seeing God” but to everyone. Every second of your life, every good deed, every bad deed, every thought, every emotion is available to every other soul for ever. Your soul really is laid bare after your death!

Your CE will never be extinguished. Your soul will exist for eternity, every second of your time as a physical life form will be stored for ever as pure energy that can be accessed by any other soul, anytime. Your actions on Earth are not going to be judged by a theoretical “God” sympathetic to your cause but by your fellow man.

Death of your physical self is just the beginning. Some people may find that rather scary.

You cannot uncreate your CE it stays with you for eternity! There is no higher power that can forgive and wipe clean, what you believe to be, your sins.

If you have pride in your time as a physical life form on Earth, and happy for your deeds and thoughts to be open to inspection, then absorption of your soul into the CE host should not bother you. If you are someone who is ashamed of your actions on Earth and prefer your deeds and thoughts to be hidden away then absorption of your soul into the CE host may worry you.

Your actions on Earth genuinely do have eternal consequences for your Soul. But, ultimately, what you make of the “afterlife” is completely up to you.

CE and Immortalists? .>

Several high profile individuals such as Dmitry Itskov want to live forever by uploading a human brain and people's consciousness into robots. And spending a great deal of money in trying to make this happen.

The CE theory raises some interesting questions on this. The brain obviously retains a lot of information to allow us to operate on a daily basis. But is the brain just the operating system which is deleted as soon as the brain dies. Like RAM memory as soon as the power is turned off. Unless the brain is kept alive in some way there will be nothing to upload.

What is Dmitry Itskov and his team actually trying to upload? What exactly is consciousness? And if you could capture the CE how would it be accessed by a non-life form such as a robot. Or would he just succeed in creating a ghost factory producing souls doomed to wonder in isolation for eternity?

What a Load of Rubbish! .

If you think my theory is a bit far-fetched then consider this: Dark energy is the most accepted hypothesis by a high majority of eminent scientists to explain the fact that the universe is expanding at an accelerating rate. In physical cosmology and astronomy, dark energy is an unknown form of energy which is hypothesized to permeate all of space, tending to accelerate the expansion of the universe. These scientists have calculated that dark energy contributes around 68% of the total energy in the present-day observable universe. It has been calculated that the Universe started accelerating around 5 billion years ago. Time and money are being spent to prove this energy exists by actually detecting it but, to date, they cannot seem to find it!

I am not saying that Conscious Energy and Dark Energy are the same thing. Just pointing out that real scientists do far-fetched as well when the observations don't correspond to the theory! And they currently believe there is a huge amount of unknown energy out there. But they don't know where it came from and cannot detect it with their current technology.

Dataism .

In the final chapters of his must-read book "Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow", Yuval Noah Harari talks about the concept of Dataism.

His definition of Dataism: "Dataism declares that the universe consists of data flows, and the value of any phenomenon or entity is determined by its contribution to data processing".

Yuval Noah Harari explains how the human species can be seen as a single data processing system, and the people are the chips in this computer metaphor. He believes the ultimate output of this data processing is the creation of an Internet-of-All-Things, which will ultimately make Homo sapiens, in their current form, obsolete.

Linking our minds to super AI computers could result in a Super-Human elite that may no longer need a physical, flesh and blood, body and would become immortal.

But - What if the end result of dataism, as Yuval Noah Harari describes it, actually happened billions of year ago in a long-lost universe. What if life on Earth (all life - not just Homo Sapiens) is just a device for recording and storing data for that system?

Humans could reach the ultimate end Yuval Noah Harari describes only to find someone has beaten us to it!

I am suggesting that every life form on Earth already contains a link to that ultimate place, which I call the Conscious Energy Host. Maybe more focus on accessing that link, rather than taking the arrogant stance that we are the first pioneering life form in the Universe, could speed things up significantly.

A Sinister Scenario .

Reading the accounts from people with HSAM (Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory), the experiments conducted, and the results, suggests that the highly detailed memories being accessed by people with HSAM are different to the normal memories stored in the brain. They seem to have been indexed and date/time stamped allowing very quick and precise access to the memory. This is exactly how computer software stores data. Every time we save a piece of data on our computer it is indexed and date/time stamped so that the computers search program can find it quickly. We can see the time ticking over as we watch a video. Some HSAM accounts have described that happening when they recall a memory.  Some are able to recall the time something happened 20 years ago!

If, as I am suggesting, Conscious Energy is capturing and storing these detailed memories it is acting exactly like a Trojan virus would in a computer. It is acting like a piece of surveillance software!

Which, to be fair, is exactly what I said at the beginning was the purpose of CE. But I was not expecting the process to be so cybernetical. It adds sinister, science fiction, implications to the whole theory around the question “What is Conscious Energy and where did it come from”?

Thank You .

If this has stimulated a thought process that you had not contemplated before then please forward on to others. This theory provides possible solutions to a great deal of unanswered questions and I think it, at least, deserves discussion.

Thank you for spending the time to read this.

Keith J Steptoe