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Why life exists in the universe. A new theory.
Conscious energy - life's silent partner
Keith J Steptoe drinking tea

Keith J Steptoe

I am not a scientist but have a great passion for science, especially the "What If" kind.

I have always been a very good conceptual thinker. This theory has been brewing for many years whilst trying to make sense of my strong belief that Life cannot just be the consequence of a series of inter-related, improbable events that happen when a Universe is created and develops.

I decided to publish after I applied the core basis of the theory to some of the many unanswered questions in the world. The outcome of this examination is quite astonishing. Not only in the way it explains many of our current beliefs, both theoretical and scientific, but how it offers an alternative rationalization to some of the fundamental spiritual beliefs. Especially the concepts of Creation and Heaven in the more modern, single God creator, religions.

I would like to thank my main influencer's although they are not aware of being such:

Brian Cox

Richard Dawkins

John Sutherland

Stephen Hawking

Douglas Adams

Yuval Noah Harari