Why have a Business Strategy

If you're on a car journey without a destination you are not on a journey at all. You are just driving about in a car!

So what on earth has that got to do with Business Strategy?

Well… Your business is your chosen vehicle for reaching a destination (Primary Goal). A destination that will ultimately be determined by your personal and family goals.

It is the opinion of many a successful business person that if your business does not have a clear destination (which should relate directly to the reason you started the business in the first place and deliver a few personal goals) then you are not actually on a business journey at all. You are really just filling your day doing business stuff and will probably not achieve your potential.

Strategies and plans can change throughout the life of a business or the owners time in the business. Some work and some don't. The trick is to quickly identify a wrong strategy and change it.

In fact the only strategy you must get right first time is your Exit Strategy. You only get one chance at this.
Mess it up and that's it!!

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