What is a Strategic Plan?

The four main parts to planning any successful journey:

man at crossroads 1. Knowing where you are now?

2. Knowing where you want to be?

3. Deciding when you want to be there?

4. Planning the best way to get there in the time?

A successful Strategic Business Plan (the business journey plan) has the same four parts:

business journey 1. Where are you now?

2. Where do you want to be?

3. When do you want to be there?

4. How are you going to get there?

Working with Silent Partners

The initial "Try Before You Buy" Meeting

The first introductory meeting is always free and we prefer all initial meetings to be face to face and at your place of work. Obviously there will be a "getting to know you and your business" part, and then a discussion about the goals and concerns. We guarantee that you will have a better understanding of the main issues within the business and maybe some solutions. If you believe we can help we agree how best to proceed.

The Business Review Stage - (Where are you now?)

Note: If you need an objective view on the current position of the business and it's people we conduct a detailed Business Review. If not, then we just clarify the current situation during the Vision & Goals session.

The Business Review is an in-depth analysis of the business lasting two to three days. It is conducted for a fee relating to the size of the enterprise in order to establish the current performance and potential capability of the business.
The review will be conducted in strict and binding confidence and the analyst will explain their findings in detail and identify practical possibilities for improvement. This report will normally be presented at the time of the study.

Vision & Goals - (Where you want to be and when?)

This will be 1-to-1 or 1-to-many session depending on who you want involved in planning the future vision and goals for the business. It could be part of the business review or a stand-alone exercise.

If the "Primary Goal" of the business needs to be established this can be worked on in a stand-alone business visioning session.

Strategic Action Plan - (How you are going to do it?)

The plan of action is jointly drawn up. If support is required, either consultancy or coaching/mentoring, to implement the strategies a proposal will be put forward.

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