What is Business Coaching and Mentoring


The sports analogy can be used to answer this question. No matter how much talent an individual has they will never succeed in their chosen field without the aid of a coach. Todays top sport coaches do not "tell" anymore. They set challenges, they watch the results and listen to the feedback, they constantly push their charges to higher achievements.

They create an environment in which the sports person is able to develop their unique skills and talent and realise their full potential.

Business Coaching is based on the same principle. An effective coach works through a structured process with an individual or team, enabling them to solve problems and implement new ideas.

The Coach does not need to have knowledge or experience of the subject being discussed.


An effective mentor acts as a "sounding board" and supporter to an individual or team who seek to develop within their business role. The mentor has relevant knowledge and experience and thus able to offer suggestions and advice at appropriate times. This enables the individual or team to move forward at a quicker pace.

The word “mentoring” originates from Greek mythology, in which it is reported that Odysseus, when setting out to Troy, entrusted his house and the education and development of Telemachus, his son, to a friend, Mentor. "Tell him all you know,” Odysseus said. And thus he unwittingly set some limits to mentoring that could, eventually, hold back that person.

The Mentor must have knowledge and experience of the topics being discussed

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